Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Know Health Care has Passed When...

You Know Health Care Reform Has Passed When…
1.  The doctor's receptionist now asks to see the political designation on your voter's registration card in lieu of insurance.

2.  Your organ donor card now has a check box called "an arm, leg, or anything else for the good of the people."

3.  Your designated Health Care Proxy or Legal Surrogate looks suspiciously like the Free World's Leader.

4.  The phrase "Over My Dead Body" is now a valid treatment option.

5.  The preferred treatment for end-of-life patients is now two interns holding a pillow.

And the number one way you know Health Care Reform Has Passed...

6.  The hospital's waiting room for everyone over 65 has been moved to the Morgue's freezer.

Smile if you're reading this, since you're still outrunning the mortician.

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