Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm a Winner thanks to My Repurposed Life!

I won a Wagner Power Painter (and Deck Mate) by entering a contest sponsored by the website "My Repurposed Life!"  

My Repurposed Life is one of the most creative websites I've visited. If you want to flex your imagination and create, or recreate, something totally wonderful, you must visit My Repurposed Life:

My first project for the Wagner sprayer will be to turn several old, salvaged shutters from faded red and black to beautiful Hunter Green. My husband has already pulled out the shutters and is pressure washing them for their big "Before" shots.  Guess what, guys? He isn't grumbling! Give a guy a power tool and anything can happen! Stay tuned here for updates and pictures of my project.

I'll post the "before" and "after" photos on Gail's website at:

I hope you'll visit Gail's website, but be forewarned. Many of her projects are positively addicting!   

Thanks again to Gail at My Repurposed Life,
and of course, to the great folks at Wagner!   


  1. woohooo! I'm so happy you won! I can't wait to see your shutters! Spraying makes painting shutters easy peasy!

  2. Hi Karen, came over from Gail's blog and can't imagine why I'm the first follower! I read down a couple of posts and laughed myself silly:) Love what you guys did with the shutters too, thay look awesome. You'll have to post how they look on the cottage now...

    I'll be back and hope to see more followers:)