Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You know You're in a Buyer's Market When...

You know You're in a Buyer's market When..
1. The offer to purchase is accompanied by Monopoly money and the Seller accepts it.

2. In addition to the refrigerator, stove, lawnmower, crock pot and coffeemaker, the Buyer asks for the Seller's entire Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie collection.

3. The offer is written by Santa Claus, acting as the Buyer's exclusive agent.

4. Sellers start considering prisoners as good candidates for lease-option arrangements.

5. The Buyer finally moves into the house he bought, pulls down the attic stairs and is killed by 25000 as-yet-unburied St. Joseph statues.

6. And the number one way you can tell you're in a Buyer's market... your MIA listing agent's picture is now being printed on milk cartons!

Smile, even if you're a Seller's agent!

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